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  • vegah
    transforming ideas into solutions.

  • We care about the goals and dreams of your brand. We work with you to make a difference.

  • Our tailor-made solutions help your business become smarter, faster & futuristic.

  • We leverage technology to revamp your business from good to great.

  • Cognitive Business = Digital Business +
    Digital Intelligence.

Vegah IT

Vegah is an IT services company Specialized in providing ERP Solutions, Data Warehousing or Business Intelligence Solutions and Custom Software Development Services. We are a dynamic and progressively growing company, delivering world-class IT solutions, on time and within the budget.We are capable of touching every domain, technology, starting with Information technology/ ERP services.

Vegah studios

This is our digital animation Company specialized in 2D/3D animations, visual effects, 2D to stereoscopic conversions, previsualization, motion graphics etc. Using the state-of-art technology and the brightest talent, we deliver stunning and award-winning visual effects for Film, TV and multi-platform projects. We also offer complete VFX solutions, which enables you to find the most creative solutions to suit your project’s needs and budget.

Vegah projects

This is our EPC Company specialized in Engineering, Procurement and construction space. Our commitment to meet the expectations and requirements is based on proven construction methods and commitment to quality. Our ongoing projects are in sectors like Power, Airport, Road, SEZ, etc.

Vegah energy

This is our renewable energy Company specialized in offering services pertaining to solar power, Wind & hydro- thermal.

For varied domains like - IT, Finance, Retail, Travel, Energy, Healthcare and Telecommunications, we help you find and implement innovative solutions. We create value, reduce operating costs, and mitigate the risks that prevent you from reaching your goals. We help you in creating a solution that will give your customers a cutting edge experience. We have a dedicated team specializing in development and design that provide free consultation on IT and other services.

At Vegah, innovation means making ideas actionable. Taking original ideas and forging them into tangible value for our clients. And that kind of innovation is what fuels growth. Now a days, developing efficient IT systems can give a stiff competition to business competitors by keeping a solid web presence and implementing various IT solutions. Businesses today have to understand the importance of technology. Sometimes the path to agility is not the obvious one; sometimes a shift in thinking is required.

  • Creating a great place to work.
  • We use our resources to ensure our relevance.
  • Trust and transparency are non-negotiable.
  • Build a great team and have a winning culture.
  • We provide you with subject matter expertise in Software Engineering and Design, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing, Networking and Security, Business and Management.
  • We have one goal and that is to be a great company.
  • Find and implement innovative solutions that create value, reduce operating costs, and mitigate the risks that prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • To meet the expectations and requirements based on proven construction methods and commitment to quality in sectors like Power, Airport, Road, SEZ, etc.
  • To offer most creative solutions to suit your project’s needs and budget.
  • We pursue ideas that are bolder than those we presented yesterday. We pride ourselves on concepts that are unexpected and copies of nothing.
  • We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients following “Customer is the king”.

We partner with you to provide expertise in all our service offerings based on expertise gained from all our work across diverse industries including Telecommunications, Retail, Health Care, Licensing, Marketing Communications, Travel and eCommerce. We are obsessively committed to delivering success and value.

We being a small and local firm of consultancy are committed to provide the ultimate heights of success to your business through our business intelligence, SAP and project leadership services. The success of your company is our passion. Your business is our priceless jewel which reflects our progress and status.

Our clients are our driving forces whose success is the top most priority for us. The goals and objectives of your company are always kept at the forefront by us. Our major aim is to help you in accomplishing your goals and objectives with ease and convenience. We have gained expertise by offering our services in various diversified industries which include retail, telecommunications, healthcare, marketing communications, licensing, Ecommerce and travel. We are available to present you in the greatest form. Some of our important distinctive features which make us stand ahead from our competitors include:

  • We are collaborative.
  • Availability of customised solutions by leveraging expert practices.
  • We build long lasting relationships with our valuable clients.
  • Our strategic approach to fulfil your goals with efficiency and commitment.
  • Our effective investment in serving the entire community with high competence.

We are committed to improve your World with exceptional services.












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Transforming ideas into solutions